Norman Childs, Founder and CEO, Eyetique (Pittsburgh, PA)
“I once called Ivan to do nothing more than thank him and tell him about how much I appreciate his software. His dual background as a successful optical industry entrepreneur who ran 10 retail stores and a CPA who understands what data that business owners need to master is what sets Eye Cloud Pro apart. Without this software, Eyetique probably couldn’t have grown, and continue to grow, the way we have.”

“Eye Cloud Pro is very intuitive to work with; even a 56-year-old guy like me had no trouble with it! The ease of use transfers to my phone: I have to-the-minute views of my numbers. I can tell how my stores are performing against yesterday or last year. We’ve mastered inventory and can easily do accurate P&Ls. Without the best numbers in real time, a business owner can never fully see or understand his or her business.”

“Eye Cloud Pro’s team works continually to make their product great. I have no doubt that it will be the industry standard for managing retail optical practices. This is what is needed today. Eye Cloud Pro is top-shelf and I would recommend it to anybody.”

Omar Ruiz, Edward Beiner (Miami, Florida)
“Our old system was extremely inefficient when it came to helping us market our stores better. With our Eye Cloud Pro database, we can now easily distribute targeted promotions to our customer base; get accurate, up-to-the-minute inventory information that tells us what’s selling best, and easily reorder top-performing lines.”


“Our stores run a lean operation. Eye Cloud Pro has saved time and improved workflow—everything from inputting and tracking customer info to inventory to payroll to appointments has improved. Eye Cloud Pro has everything you need to run an optical business better. It has exceeded our expectations.”

Adam Speece, Eyetique (Pittsburgh, PA)
“Being able to accurately track inventory is critical for optical retailers. Eye Cloud Pro excels at this; now, tax time, inventory management and reordering are a snap. We know where every piece is and can easily reorder the lines that are performing well.”

“The Eye Cloud Pro team was extremely responsive to all our needs. They were incredibly accommodating when we were learning the system and discovering ways it could work better in all our stores.”

“Now that we have Eye Cloud Pro, we can administer payroll, pair invoices with lab tickets, let doctors access medical records, process POS transactions and automate reordering with one solution. When they first experienced it, our staff couldn’t believe how simple it was to use.”

David Mayes, Owner, Infocus Optics (Conyers, GA)
Eye Cloud Pro is the most useful POS system I have used since I have been in this industry. When I train new people I always compliment the POS and train them on the ease of use, in fact I have become the “go to guy” when people have questions about the POS. I would love to help introduce Eye Cloud Pro to other practices nationwide.