The Dashboard is being updated on September 16th! New features will be added to allow updates to multiple jobs, text/email updates to patients, and additional information is shown for enhanced job management.

The internal Blog will have further details regarding functionality. Please reach out to the support team with any questions!

Eye Cloud Pro Announces eRx functionality

Eye Cloud Pro announces integrated eRx functionality that allows doctors to send prescriptions to the pharmacy from the Dr Desk. In three short steps, the software guides the doctor to select the pharmacy, choose the medication, and fill in the dosage requirements. Our partnership with SureScripts enables your practice to connect with 95% of pharmacies throughout the US.

Please contact John or Dan for further information and to activate the feature.

Eye Cloud Pro Announces New Gift Card Capability

Gift Card management is now fully integrated into the software. Using the new process, a Gift Card can be sold, used, refilled, and used for refund. Using the number on the card, the gift card is created in the software with the initial balance. As the card is used for purchases, the software will track all transactions and the available balance. Eye Cloud Pro has also partnered with a vendor that will work with you to design gift cards specific to your company.

Contact Dan or John for more information about ordering cards and usage of the feature.

Insurance Check Payments

Eye Cloud Pro has been updated to streamline the insurance check payment process. In the Claims section, click on the Checks option to review the new feature and apply payments from each insurance company directly to the invoice. Further details will be included in the upcoming newsletter, or you can contact the support team for more assistance.

Eye Cloud Pro names TSYS Merchant Solutions the exclusive partner for integrated card processing

Eye Cloud Pro has named TSYS Merchant Solutions the exclusive partner for payments processing, offering optical merchants advanced payment technology and security at the industry’s most competitive rates.

The partnership with TSYS Merchant Solutions is specifically designed for optical merchants seeking help with the transition to EMV® card acceptance and PCI compliance.


  • Assistance with EMV conversion. In October 2015, liability for fraudulent transactions shifted form issuers to business owners who have not upgraded to chip-activated terminals. Upgrading now ensures compliance while protecting both business owners and their customers.
  • PCI Compliance. Point-to-Point encryption to help protect customer card data and reduce scope of compliance.
  • Apple Pay™, Samsung Pay™, and other mobile wallets. Support for current and future NFC payments and PIN debit.


  • Live, 24/7 US-based support.
  • Reliability. TSYS processing network maintains 99.9989% uptime.
  • Stability. Every day, tens of thousands of businesses rely on TSYS to process more than 44 million transactions of safely and securely.

A dedicated team is available to discuss this program, provide answers and assist you in the conversion of your merchant account. Please call 770.431.3082, email, or visit TSYSMerchantSolutions-EyeCloudPro.

For more information, click here: OpticalPOS-TSYS


Visionweb Integration

Eye Cloud Pro is now integrated with Visionweb’s online ordering system. This integration now allows you to submit and check lab orders from within the Eye Cloud Pro software, which reduces time spent creating tickets and potential errors when duplicating data. Other key features include full lab catalogs and error-checking functionality before order submission.

The setup overview is found in the Tutorials section of the software, and we are always available to review the process.

Eye Cloud Pro Now Commercially Available

Eye Cloud Pro is an internet (cloud) based point of sale system for the retail optical industry. This software solution is ideal for retail optical stores, optometry offices and sunglass stores. It works well in multi location environments as well as single stores or practices.

This system was first web based optical point of sale. Development began in the late 1990s, when web based software was relatively unknown. It was created by The Eye Gallery, an Atlanta-based, high end retailer with 10 locations. Until 2011 the product was used internally and not commercially available. In late 2011, The Eye Gallery stores were sold, but the rights to the software were retained by Eye Gallery founder, Ivan Samuels.

Optical POS, Inc. was then founded to license the software to optical retailers around the country. Ivan Samuels teamed up with world class Oracle developer, Brian McGinity to make this product commercially available. After 15 years of code, written with Oracle Enterprise software, the software is very mature. In the last 2 years, Eye Cloud Pro is now used by many of the most successful optical retailers in the USA.