Question #1: How do I create a survey for customers who just bought eyeglass, contacts, or had an eye exam?

The Administrator should select “Configuration” from tab bar on the home page. Next select “Email Templates”. Select the “Default Survey”. There are sample questions, divided into 4 sections (2 questions each). You can change the questions, or keep this for reference. It is simple to create your own new survey. The system is smart and will decide what questions to ask. This is based on the contents of the invoice. You can also set the time frame so that Eye Cloud Pro will know when to send out this email. You also have the option of giving your customer a special offer, if they fill out the survey. The system will track the responses in a very interesting report.

Question #2: Why should we consider tagging our frames?

Optical stores have always had issues keeping accurate inventories. Most existing software is based on traditional methods of adding frames when you receive them and remove them when they are sold. This simply doesn’t work. These systems fail when items are sold when they are not in stock. A special order for a customer can send your inventory into a mess. Eye Cloud Pro has solved this issue by assigning a unique serial number to each frame. Even frames with same UPC code are given their own, specific serial number. We offer clients the option to adhere a self adhesive tag to the frame. This tag is quite small yet contains some valuable information. Next we provide special systems that track special orders, customer returns and items that are returned to your supplier. The end result is an inventory that you can rely on. With that information, you can make good buying decisions and understand exactly how long an item has been in stock. Returns to your frame vendor can have real meaning. While tags are not required as the system keeps track of each unique serial number, using serial numbers gives you an accuracy that has never been achieved before.