Eye Cloud Pro Features:

The Database

  • Written in enterprise level Oracle, the same program used by the major airlines
  • Works in a browser
  • Lightning fast… even over a modest internet connection

Invoice Customers

  • Keep detailed demographic information on all customers
  • Maintain instant access to all prior invoices, lab tickets and prescriptions
  • Look up customers by name, address, phone or even date of birth… a second!
  • Dead simple invoicing. Even new staff can be trained in a few hours, to perform all basic functions.
  • Great customer experience to include the emailing of the invoice in seconds
  • No limit (or extra cost) for the number of people working on the system at the same time
  • Process the customer credit card directly through the system, getting a one second approval. The software interfaces directly with the credit card gateway.
  • The whole invoicing system can be “Paperless” with the use of a credit card swiper and signature pad.  Now you can accept the customer signature on an iPad or smart phone.  For the first time, you can be paperless.

iPad App

  • Eye Cloud Pro is in Apple’s App Store.
  • From the iPad, you can look up a customer, create an invoice, charge a credit card, acquire a signature and fill out a lab ticket.
  • All primary, customer functions are available through this device.

Inventory Control

  • Unique system to assign serial numbers to each frame
  • Real time inventory reports available in one click
  • If the business has multiple locations, it is simple to look for a frame across all stores
  • Track items shipped to other stores within the organization
  • Custom designed inventory tags to place on each frame. The system can operate with or without the placement of inventory tags. Those who use these custom tags, can print the frame’s serial # and retail price on the tag, to expedite the sale.
  • Receive new inventory using a bar code scanner. It is very easy and fast to check in a package of frames that have a UPC code on their box.
  • The system maintains a history of every frame that enters your store. We track when it was received….who received it….when it was sold….who sold it. If it was returned, we know the name of the customer. We also track if it was returned defective or in condition to be resold. If defective, we know when it was returned to the vendor.
  • You have the ability to perform random (or surprise) counts of any brand. The system will report any missing pieces.
  • A special report can show you the sales trend of specific brands. You will know which brands are increasing in sales and others that are trending down.
  • The inventory system is so accurate, that you can produce really meaningful sales reports

Doctor Desk

  • Eye Cloud Pro has fully integrated doctor system (EHR) with the retail component
  • Fully integrated with the Marco Epic/RT 5100 Refraction System
  • While quite detailed, the doctor desk is very easy to run
  • Compare forms from previous exams to the current exam without difficulty
  • Customize the interface to show the forms you want to use for each type of patient visit
  • Automated superbill will generate an invoice for the patient ready for payments to be taken
  • Patient recall dates can be automatically set by the system, or overridden by the doctor
  • The system has an elaborate method for recalling patients using computer calls, email and text messages. The entire process is managed by Eye Cloud Pro. Using a super intelligent appointment book the system can determine if the patient is scheduled for a future appointment, and stop sending them recall notices. In the event that the patient fails to respond to the calls, emails and text messages, the system can communicate directly with a postcard company to send out a card.
  • Patients receiving computer calls (recall) can press “0” and connect directly to the practice/ store. Emails will have an email link that allows the customer to request an appointment.

Appointment Book

  • Each staff member has the ability to view a live, web based appointment book
  • All doctor/s working in that location can show their availability of hours. There are special features that allow you to schedule the doctor hours over a period of time (in one or two clicks)
  • For stores/practices with multiple locations can view and take appointments for any doctor in any site.
  • All appointments have a color code to indicate the status. It is important to know when an appointment is confirmed, cancelled etc. There is an immediate indication of the status of each appointment.
  • The system automatically contacts the customer via computer calls, email and text messages to remind and confirm their appointment. If the customer confirms or cancels, the color on the appointment page changes the status. For example, the customer presses “1” to confirm (when the computer calls), the color of the appointment changes to indicate that it is confirmed, with no intervention from the staff.

Electronic Rx (eRx)

  • Electronically submit RXs to pharmacies through the software.
  • Seamless integration to 95% of pharmacies through the SureScripts network.
  • 3 easy steps to select the medication, pharmacy, and provide dosage instructions
  • Customize lists for dosage instructions and refill amounts.
  • Alerts for refill requests located on the Dr Desk home page.

Lab Tickets/Work Orders

  • The system maintains a detailed lab ticket that describes the customer’s job. You can easily reproduce a job knowing that the lenses used, the coatings and any special instructions are saved indefinitely.
  • Jobs can be easily compared from different time frames to enable troubleshooting.
  • Multiple jobs for the same customer can be expedited as information can be auto populated from a previous lab ticket.
  • Smart Lab Tickets can autofill many fields by gathering information from the invoice.
  • Lab tickets can select rx information from any prior rx record or lab ticket
  • Once reviewed the lab ticket can be automatically sent to the lab via email, fax, or online.
  • The system monitors the due date of each job in process. No more running into the lab when you have a customer on the phone asking if their job is ready.
  • In one click, review a list (called Dashboard) showing the current status of each job
  • Clients can create the implement their own list of statuses to monitor the progress of each lab ticket


  • The system can collect referral information to identify how the customer found you
  • Produce lists of customers in one click. These names, addresses and email addresses can be uploaded to post card and e-blast companies.
  • Select names by building your own criteria. For example, select customers within one or multiple zipcodes. Select customers who purchased one brand, or who spent a certain amount of money. Select customers who purchased a certain type of lens. You can even exclude a customer who purchased within the last 30, 60 or 90 days. Perhaps you are doing a mailing with a $50 coupon. You might want to exclude customers who purchased in the last month or two.
  • Send email messages directly to the customer without exiting the POS system. Save the message on the customer home page. Service the customer better as you always have access to all notes and emails
  • Capture the information on frames that are tried on, saving the information to create a future sale.
  • Email the invoice directly to the customer so they receive it on their smartphone, before they leave the store.
  • Maintain a perfect history of all items purchased by the customer and access this data in an instant
  • Automated surveys can be sent to customers at a pre-determined time after the sale. The system can determine which questions to send to the customer based on the type of purchase. Detailed reports are available with real time results. Provide the customer with a special offer if they fill out the survey.  Then post the offer to the customer’s file so that no coupon need be presented.

Expedite Reorders

  • Electronically transmit frame orders, directly from the system to any number of email and/or fax destinations. You can preset who these communications are sent to. For example, send the order, via email, to the vendor’s order desk and a copy by fax to the rep. No need to waste valuable time on the phone with the vendor.
  • Produce a reorder report for any brand, listing all pieces sold since your last order. You can approve or modify this list before transmitting it. We even tell you if these items are in stock at one of your other locations.
  • Items on order can be tracked
  • Receiving items, ordered through the system, can be handled quickly. A bar code scanner can help expedite your receiving.

Sales Reports

  • Build you own reports in seconds. Isolate any items sold by vendor, by brand, by store, by sales rep (optician), by product type (sun or ophthalmic) and more.
  • There are several custom reports that will allow you to determine who (and how many) combinations of Frames/Lenses/Coatings have been sold.
  • Most reports allow you to select any beginning and ending time period for your data

Employee Data

  • We provide commission reports
  • We provide SPIFF reports
  • We track the time each employee starting and leaving time each day. All the hours are compiled to assist you in totaling hours for payroll. The program also tracks the employee vacation and sick days
  • Reports show the comparative sales figures for each of your staff
  • The system has a very sophisticated report for manpower planning. Analyze any day of the week over an extended (and selectable) period of time to evaluate the amount of business generated each hour of the day. Use this information to schedule your staff.

Gift Card Management

  • Gift Card management fully integrated in the software: sell, manage, report, refill.
  • Detailed transaction lists of gift card activity.
  • Easily manage patient credits with a gift card.
  • Preferred vendor will assist with design and production of gift cards.

Financial Information

  • Very simple close out process at the end of the day. Summary reports show list of all invoice and payments. The closeout report will show if the money is in balance
  • The system maintains a real time spreadsheet of each day’s sales and how the money was collected. It also highlights whether any closing is “out of balance”.
  • Totals provided at the end of the month make it simple to make two journal entries into your accounting software. It is no longer necessary to post the sales to your accounting each day.
  • There is a smartphone app that allows management/owners to click an icon and see the real time sales figures, as of that moment.

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